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Chart of the Divine Self


Chart of Your Divine Self

There are three figures represented in the Chart, which we will refer to as the upper figure, the middle figure, and the lower figure.

The upper figure is the I AM Presence, the I AM THAT I AM, the individualization of God's presence in every son and daughter of the Most High.

The Divine Monad consists of the I AM Presence surrounded by the spheres (color rings) of light which comprise the causal body. This is the body of First Cause that contains within it man's "treasure laid up in heaven" = words and works, thoughts and feelings of the virtue, attainment, and light - pure energies of love that have risen from the place of action in time and space as the result of man's judicious exercise of free will and his harmonious qualifications of the stream of life that issues forth from the heart of the Presence and descends into the level of the Christ Self, thence to invigorate and enliven the embodied soul.

The middle figure in the chart is the Mediator between God and man, call the Holy Christ Self, the Real Self, or the Christ consciousness. It has also been referred to as the Higher Mental body or one's Higher Consciousness.

The Inner Teacher overshadows the lower self, which consists of the soul evolving through the four planes of Matter using the vehicles of the four lower bodies (the etheric, or memory, body; the mental body; the emotional or desire, body; and the physical body) to balance karma and fulfill the divine plan.

The three figures of the Chart correspond the Trinity of the Father (the upper figure), Son (*the middle figure, and Holy Spirit, whose sacred fire is indicated in the enfolding violet flame. The lower figure corresponds to you as a disciple on the Path. Your soul in the nonpermanent aspect of being which is made permanent through the ritual of the ascension. The ascension is the process whereby the soul, having balanced her karma and fulfilled her divine plan, merges first with the Christ consciousness and then with the living Presence of the IAM THAT I AM. Once the ascension has taken place, the soul, the nonpermanent aspect of being, becomes an Incorruptible One, a permanent atom in the body of God. The Chart of Your Divine Self is therefore a diagram of yourself - past, present and future.